SMARTGATE is a gate-in/gate-out management system that enables real-time reporting and streamlined containers processing. The platform leverages blockchain technology to provide data integrity. Also, SMARTGATE enhances efficiency and trust when handling cargo and shipping authorizations.

The logistics and supply chain industries involve many people and entities throughout their processes. Container depots require agility and accuracy when handling and shipping cargo. SMARTGATE helps optimize these processes and save money.

Why Do You Need SMARTGATE?

SMARTGATE deploys blockchain technology to transform the logistics of containers and enhance efficiency and trust. Read more about these features of SMARTGATE:

  • Faster gate-in/gate-out process :
    Container depots require accurate and efficient freight handling. The SMARTGATE mobile app enables an optimized system that digitizes cargo receipts to minimize paper, reducing processing times from ten to less than two minutes.
  • Real-time reporting of container inventory:
    Blockchain technology in SMARTGATE helps you keep full and accurate traceability of cargo from its arrival to its dispatching. The immutability features of blockchain also allow you to visualize authorizations across the chain for full accountability.
  • Optimized management of dispatching authorizations:
    The SMARTGATE app leverages blockchain technology to create immutable registries of approvals. Depot workers may use a Wi-Fi enabled phone to validate the orders. So, SMARTGATE keeps a record for accurately track authorizations.
  • Full photo archive of gate transactions:
    SMARTGATE deploys fixed cameras and image recognition to capture container data and initiate new orders. The app registers

What Is Blockchain Technology?

A blockchain is an immutable and decentralized ledger of data that securely registers transactions into “blocks of data.” Blockchains function as peer-to-peer networks shared by multiple computers that validate the transactions before appending them to the chain.

Information stored in a blockchain is immutable, meaning no person can manipulate the data. The data is stored as an encrypted sequence of transactions that can be tracked in near real-time; so, you will be able to monitor who is accountable for each shipment with precise certainty.

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