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Smart EIR offers an array of features to steamship lines, container lessors, container depot owners, shippers, consignees, and freight forwarders within an interconnected system seeking to make gate-in / gate-out activities more efficient and reliable, cutting costs related to paperwork and handling, reducing processing times in cargo dispatching, and minimizing data silos. Suppose your normal operations require various users to access the data or perform transactions in your system and consider that you can reduce paperwork and processing times in container logistics. In that case, you can schedule a demo for free.
Smart EIR is entirely web-based, so it requires no installation. To access it, you need a web browser, either on your computer or your phone. This makes it straightforward for authorized users to access it remotely and use practically any type of device.
Yes. Smart EIR allows you to migrate your data through an in-app tool.
You can schedule a free demo anytime to learn how Smart EIR works. Our sales team will guide you through the initial process. To schedule a demo, please get in touch with our sales team!
EOSIO is a next-generation blockchain technology launched in 2018 by Block.one, a leading technology company that provides high-performance blockchain solutions. EOSIO offers high Scalability, allowing industry-leading speed with up to 4,000 transactions per second and low block time latency rate (0.5 seconds), flexibility to deploy configurable smart contracts, and improved security through web security verification standards with end-to-end authentication.
LACChain EOSIO offers a blockchain network that integrates into LACChain. Led by Latin American technology companies, LACChain EOSIO deploys a public-permissioned version of EOSIO blockchain technology to enable developers and organizations to test their decentralized applications and infrastructure within a testing environment. It also offers a multi-layered network, configurable accounts, and a resource-distributed model to handle many of transactions and adapt to your needs.
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