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How Smart EIR, a blockchain-powered platform, can help
you improve gate-in / gate-out activities.

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Smart EIR at a glance

Smart EIR offers an interconnected system available for multiple devices that can be accessed through a web browser on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Control dashboard

Control dashboard

Access a complete dashboard to authorize users, configure your app, and visualize depot data, all in one place.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Grant access to depot agents to enter data and photos of containers for reliable real-time accountability.

Fixed cameras

Fixed cameras

Cameras can capture pictures of the containers, whereas an image recognition system enables faster data entry and traceability.

Smart EIR across the container process

Steamship lines and container lessors
Optimized traceability on the blockchain
Smart EIR enables you to track the inventory of vendors and demurrage in real-time using blockchain-enabled immutable registries. It also allows you to manage equipment control and swap-out protection.
Steamship lines and container lessors
Reduce risk in your operations
A user can obtain real-time data of stack and location of the cargo and assess any container damage offering full accountability.
Steamship lines and container lessors
Multiple functions in one platform
Smart EIR can integrate into EDI and offer a release module to provide vendors with real-time authorizations.

What makes Smart EIR unique

Faster container processing

Container depots require accurate and efficient freight handling. The Smart EIR multiplatform app offers an optimized system that digitizes cargo receipts to minimize paper, reducing processing times from ten to less than two minutes.

Real-time inventory management

Smart EIR enables complete and reliable traceability of cargo from its arrival to its dispatching. It also offers near real-time visualization of the containers’ inventory with accurate handling data from authorized agents to guarantee transparency and accountability.

Authorizations management

Smart EIR leverages blockchain technology to create immutable registries of approvals of movement. Depot workers may use a Wi-Fi-enabled phone to validate the orders. You can access a dashboard that offers accountability across the handling processes.

Container condition image archive

Smart EIR connects to fixed cameras and uses image recognition to capture container data and initiate new orders. It then registers these photos creating a precise photo archive that offers improved traceability.

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The technology that powers Smart EIR


Distributed ledger technology (DLT) grants various stakeholders a transparent and reliable visualization of the data.

EOSIO blockchain

The EOSIO blockchain protocol offers zero-cost transactions and low latency to create blocks, ideal for data-intensive businesses.


Smart EIR deploys the LACChain EOSIO network, which uses a public-permissioned version of EOSIO technology.

Image recognition

Phone and fixed cameras can capture photos that Smart EIR can process to offer reliable and traceable container data.

Photo archive

Photos are securely and immutably stored in an archive for accountability of the status and movement of containers.

Digital receipts

By digitizing cargo receipts, we’re cutting costs in paperwork and processing times, saving you money with each transaction.

How we leverage blockchain technology

Blockchains are decentralized peer-to-peer networks that store transactions as immutable and secure “blocks of data.” A blockchain is distributed among multiple computers that validate the transactions before appending them to the chain.
Once a registry appends to a blockchain, no person can manipulate the data. The data is reliably and securely stored as an encrypted sequence of transactions that can be tracked in near real-time, providing trust, traceability, and accountability.
Smart EIR process

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